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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bonjour From Paris!

Bonjour everyone!
Hubby and I just returned from Paris, our very favorite city in the world!  We spent 5 nights there, and had so much fun exploring the city, and also just relaxing.  We took so many pictures, I'll share some today and more over the next few posts.

I'll try and let the photos do most of the talking if I can!
We really lucked out with the weather.  It was in the mid 70's and even 78 degrees on our last day, sunny and no rain.  It was unusually warm for them this time of year. We were told that the previous week was cold and rainy, so we are glad we went when we did!
Below is our hotel, where we always stay when we visit.  The lower portion was recently painted gray, but it used to be bright red which we liked better.

 Look closely and you will see my hubby goofing off on our balcony!
We really loved sitting out there enjoying a glass of wine and a snack, or just people watching.
 Here is the view looking to the east from our room.
I miss it already!
 Below you will see Pont Alexander III, my very favorite bridge.

 That's me!
 We love visiting the beautiful old churches thru out the city.  When I say old, I mean hundreds of years old!  There is so much history it is amazing.  This is Sainte-Chapelle, dating from the 13th century.
 It's considered the most beautiful church in all of Paris. The stained glass windows are amazing!

 I always have to snap lots of pictures of flowers when in Paris.  There are tons of flower shops and markets all thru the city.
 I thought the little bouquets of pansies were so sweet!
Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you visit again soon, as I'll be sharing more photos in the coming days!
Au revoir!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I love Blue!

Hi everyone,
I was about to write this post yesterday, but my heart just wasn't in it, after learning of the horrible events in Las Vegas.
To say that it's shocking is an understatement.  My heart is heavy for those who were lost or injured, and everyone else there.
Praying that they find peace in the days ahead.

I'd planted morning glories up a wire trellis this summer, and had been disappointed that it never bloomed. Well, it's now making up for lost time!  The vine has been blooming its heart out for the past two weeks!
I just can't get over how blue those blossoms are!  Not many flowers that I know of are a true blue like this.
 Of course my pictures don't do justice to how pretty the vine is!
 Some days it even blooms thru the early evening, which I've never seen it do before!

 Here's one last close up.
 Below you'll see Natasha, my mannequin, modeling a necklace that I just made for myself.
I'd been wanting to make a really long one, and had fun putting this together with beads and findings that I already had on hand.
 I happened to find the pretty vintage bronze pendant in a box of odds and ends beads that I'd bought at a yard sale years ago.
 The other necklace is actually a rosary.  I'm not Catholic, but I've always loved the look of pretty rosaries.  This one is Joan of Arc.
Love the blue beads!
Can you tell blue is my favorite color?
 Behind Natasha are some of the chalk painted jewelry boxes, and other goodies that I've created for my Etsy shop.
 Here's one of the latest boxes that I transformed.
I had so much fun doing this, and of course forgot to take a "before" shot.  It was pretty boring and a walnut finished wood.
Not the look I was going for!
So after light blue chalk paint, and some pretty stenciling,
this jewelry box looks much happier!

 Another transformation for my shop is this pretty fan shaped framed chalkboard.
So shabby cottage chic, I think!
Well that's it for today.
Wishing you a day of peace.
Be sure to tell the ones you love just how much they mean to you.
Thanks for visiting:)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Little Bit of This and That

Hi everyone!
Hope you are having a good fall so far.
Today I thought I'd share a few more photos from our trip to Austria, as well as show you some of my latest creations.

Before I go any further, I would like to mention those who have been hit by such terrible hurricanes as of late.  Keeping them in our thoughts and prayers, and remembering that they will need help for the long hail.   I just feel sad for those who have lost so much.

Ok, back to my little photo tour..........
One of the highlights of our trip was taking a tram ride to the top of the Untersberg alps.
Below is hubby about to board.
The view going up.........

 And up!
Now, I am not crazy about heights, but as long as I'm in an enclosed space, I am ok!

 The views were just amazing!  And my pictures just don't do it justice!
Notice me, below, not too close to the edge!

 At the very top was a charming little cafe.  I felt like Shirley Temple, playing Heidi should be popping out any minute!
We stopped for a glass of wine and beer, and just soaked up the incredible views.
 Wow, this is my idea of heaven on earth!!
 This huge iron cross was at the top of one of the peaks. Thought is was so neat.
 Notice all of the pretty alpine flowers? I was amazed how they could not only thrive at such a high elevation, but grow out of the rocks as well!
 Here's me, hanging on for dear life!  hahaha!

It truly was a day that I'll never forget!

I'll share more trip photos in a future post.

Now on to a peek at what I've been up to!
I've been busy working on creations to add to my Etsy shop, and am currently having a 20% off everything 
(with purchases of $25 or more) sale.  The discount will be automatically deducted, there is no need for coupon codes.
I fell in love with these neat galvanized metal canisters when I found them, and quickly snatched them up!
I gave them a French twist by adding these neat French labels to them. Love the graphics!
 Love this fun stenciled wood tote!
 This vintage Syroco mirror was transformed with a little paint and tlc.
It is even more gorgeous in person!

I love finding trays to make over, and had so much fun with this one.  I just love the bon appetit graphic that I hand stenciled on it!
You can find these, and many more treasures in my shop if you care to take a look!
That's it for today.
Thanks so much for stopping by, your visits and comments mean alot to me!
Have a great rest of the week!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

From Fairy Tale Villages to Fairy Gardens

Hi everyone,
It's hard to believe that September is already here!
Summer always seems to go by way to quickly, and I'm usually a bit sad to see it go!
We did manage to pack alot into the season though.
Camping, swimming, gardening, and even an impromptu trip to Germany and Austria!
Long story, but we'd planned for months to visit Ireland this summer (I was super excited, as I am Irish!).
Well, we fly standby, thanks to hubby's many years of working at the airlines. So that means that if there's a seat open on the plane, we make it on.  If not, no luck!
Anyway, all of the flights and connections were way oversold, and we knew that we'd never make it on.  So we made  a last minute decision (the night before!) to instead go to Germany and Austria!
We'd been there years ago and loved both countries.
It was a bit difficult going spur of the moment with no plans, no guide book, nothing.  Like, where will we go, what will we see??

I did remember recently reading about the "Top 10" quaint villages in Europe,  one of which was Hallstatt, Austria.
We spent one afternoon there, and fell in love with it.
It is truly a magical place, and feels straight out of a fairy tale!
 Postcard perfect Hallstatt!
 Actually, my pictures don't do justice to how beautiful it was here!
 Typical Bavarian style architecture.  Aren't those flowers gorgeous?
I loved the aqua shutters, too!
 Check out this amazing castle on the other side of the lake! Someone actually lives there!
 I would love to visit again some day.  Oh, notice the swans in the photo above?

Thankfully we went later in the day, as I'd read that unfortunately everyone else seems to have discovered this beautiful village, meaning it's over run by tourists and tour busses!
I really feel for the people who live there and have to deal with throngs of crowds!
Let me tell you, this village is literally jaw dropping, it's hard to believe a place like this really exists!
There are no cars allowed in the village, making it even more quaint.
It's very popular to rent small electric boats and view the village from the lake, which is what we did.  What a different perspective you get from the water.  It was just magical!
I'll share more pictures of our trip in upcoming posts.

Also this summer I planted my very first fairy garden!

I'd been wanting to do this forever, and had so much fun with the project!  My handy hubby built me a wood planter box, complete with chunky spindle "feet".  Of course I had to paint it bright aqua and add a French themed stencil!
I just love it, but had a few challenges along the way, including not so cute little chipmunks who liked to dig in the planter!

Miss Molly is doing great, and turned 1 1/2 this summer!
She loves camping  (we took our motor home to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan earlier this summer), and swimming on our lake.  She can hardly stand still long enough for me to put her little doggie life vest on, before she dives in the water!

With cooler days and nights, I think our swimming days are over for the season.  Not too crazy about swimming in cold water!

That's it for today. Sure have missed you all, look forward to catching up with everyone!
Have a great rest of the week!